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Dirtybird Campout 2017

Wow! Dirtybird campout, what is that? Well to be honest, if you haven't been to a Dirtybird event than you can't really fully understand what it feels like to be at one. The amazing event is filled will loud funky house music blasting from speakers all over, while people are dancing their souls out everywhere. It's not like any other event I have been to. There is just something so unique that Dirtybird does, and I love it! A place where you are able to be yourself and get weird with all your friends. DBC reminds me of an adult summer camp, filled with fun activities and great music all day AND night. Best event hands down, if you get the opportunity to attend one of their events, I HIGHLY suggest it! Thank you to all the people who were apart of this amazing experience, shoutout to Dirtybird records, Thedolab, and all the bad birdies out there. YOU the real MVP!

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